The Origin of Landscape Design Council

During the 1959-60 GCFMA presidency of Isadore Smith (Mrs. A. William Smith) Landscape Design Study Courses were introduced as a forerunner of the accredited Landscape Design Study Course of 1961. (Mrs. Smith wrote three books about American gardens under the pseudonym of “Ann Leighton” and also completed her late husband’s book on plant names.)


With Harriet Field and Mildred S. Parker (Mrs. Ralph A. Parker), who was president of GCFM 1960-62, Evelyn Cole worked to establish the Landscape Design Study Courses in Massachusetts.  She conducted the first series of courses in Massachusetts beginning May 7, 1961. On October 14, 1963 at the Midtown Motor Inn, Boston, she presided at the organizational meeting of the Landscape Design Critics Council and presented “National Council Landscape Design Critics Certificates” to the forty-five students who had successfully completed the four-course program. It was then moved and passed that “in appreciation of Mrs. Alfred Cole’s excellent organization ability in conducting these courses and not being able to take the courses at the same time, we confer honorary membership on her.” Election of officers followed. Thus the new organization launched with forty-six participants who became charter members.