About the Landscapes Design Council

The Landscape Design Council (LDC) is an organization comprised of garden club members who have completed the Landscape Design School, a series of four 10-hour courses, and passed the required examinations, entitling them to become National Garden Clubs accredited Landscape Design Consultants. This Council is a special subjects group of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. as provided in the structure of The National Garden Clubs, Inc. The Landscape Design Council was founded to provide a program of continuing education in this area.


Members act in an advisory capacity to encourage awareness of the need for good landscape architectural practice. They serve as guardians of environmental beauty by applying what they have learned to individual and community projects. LDC members promote environmental interests through work on town committees and boards. Many members have been responsible for landscaping projects of municipal buildings and other public areas in their cities and towns.


Some members have become so interested in the field of landscape design that they have enrolled in professional courses leading to certificates in landscape design or Master’s degrees in landscape architecture and have gone on to establish their own businesses.


Our meetings add to our understanding of good landscape design through speakers, workshops, and tours of outstanding public and private areas where we evaluate the landscapes. Tours range from small home gardens to large private estates, grounds of houses of worship, cemeteries, nurseries, industrial developments, museums, historic landmarks, shopping malls, public parks and national reservations. We've studied cluster zoning and visited cluster housing sites. We also have held practice judging workshops at the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show. We provide three judges and a clerk for the exhibits at the Boston Flower and Garden Show each year and give three LDC awards.

Our members are knowledgeable men and women who are willing to share information and to support one another in their endeavors.