Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Landscape Design School?

Landscape Design School (LDS) is a series of four courses presented by distinguished lecturers on landscape design, methods, history, theory and analysis. In Massachusetts, one course is given each year in sequential order. LDS is open to the public.

Who is it for?

LDS benefits anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of landscape design—personally, for civic projects or as an introduction to a future career. It is a prerequisite for GCFM members who wish to become a Consultant of the prestigious Landscape Design Council (LDC.) After successfully completing two courses, a member may obtain Provisional Consultant status in the LDC. After four courses, a member may obtain Consultant status. LDS also serves as credit for Consultants to refresh their credentials or attain Master Consultant status.

Do the courses have to be taken in order?

No. A student may start with any course. To receive credit for Consultant status, the four courses must be completed in seven years.

Why an exam?

While optional, all students are encouraged to take the exam. Passing two exams provides eligibility for becoming a Provisional Consultant. Passing four exams provides eligibility for becoming a Landscape Design Consultant. Refreshers do not take the exam.

What the exam based on?

The exam is on the assigned readings, lectures and Course Booklet. The lectures supplement the readings and do not teach the text. Therefore, it is important to read the text prior to taking the exam.