About the Landscape Design School (LDS)

National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) welcomes all to its educational program in landscape design. Courses are held under the guidance of the state garden clubs and international affiliate garden clubs. The purpose of the school (LDS) is to develop in students an appreciation of the environment, both natural and built. It is not to be considered professional training, but is designed to further educate the accomplished, as well as inform the novice gardener.

The curriculum, in a series of four 10-hour courses, each usually held over a period of three days, covers a wide range of subjects: from landscape design history to landscape architecture in the current year and beyond, as well as instruction from landscape architects in a variety of design techniques used in home and municipal settings. Since the curriculum is standardized, one may enroll in the Landscape Design School out of sequence whenever a course is given anywhere in the country. A written examination is given after each of the four courses. Students completing the four courses may become NGC accredited Landscape Design Consultants and may join the Landscape Design Council (LDC).

Since its founding in l958, the program’s professional instructors have maintained the high standards originally incorporated in the school (LDS). Also offered are many optional programs, such as conferences, symposiums, and tours. Students acquire the tools for making their own gardens more beautiful and easier to maintain. Many students have been motivated to serve in political decision-making areas where awareness of the impact of a well-designed landscape can enhance the beauty and enjoyment of life in the public arena.