LDC Scholarship - 2009

Massachusetts Students Eligible for $1,000 Landscape Design Council Scholarship


Award Benefits Students of Landscape Architecture, City Planning, Horticulture, or Conservation


Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts—February 9, 2009—The Landscape Design Council (LDC) of Massachusetts announced today that it is seeking qualified students to apply for the Landscape Design Council Scholarship Fund, a scholarship designed to assist college juniors, seniors, and graduate students majoring in landscape architecture, city planning, or related fields of interest, such as horticulture and conservation.


The Landscape Design Council Scholarship Fund was established in 1986 by the LDC membership to encourage students to pursue the study of landscape design and related fields. It is one of a number of scholarships administered by the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (GCFM), the parent organization of LDC.


“Education is the primary focus of our organization,” said Adriana F. M. O’Sullivan, LDC chairman. “In addition to the LDC scholarship, we run an annual Landscape Design School and provide our members with ongoing landscape-design education through speakers, workshops, and tours of outstanding public and private landscapes.”


Numerous Other Scholarships Available


In all, GCFM offers 11 scholarships to support and encourage students majoring in horticulture, floriculture, landscape design, conservation, forestry, agronomy, city planning, environmental studies, land management, botany, biology, and allied subjects. The scholarships are awarded in amounts up to $1,000.


Among the GCFM scholarships is the Mary M. Conley Scholarship Fund, established in 1997 by a bequest in the will of Mary M. Conley, who had been a member of the Landscape Design Council. This scholarship awards a graduate or undergraduate student pursuing the study of horticulture, landscape design, environmental sciences, or a related field.


Applicants for GCFM scholarships must be high-school seniors, college students, or graduate students who reside in Massachusetts; have a minimum B average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale); exhibit good character; and demonstrate financial need. Students must be attending or entering accredited colleges or universities. Only one application per student is needed for consideration for all twelve scholarships.


March 1, 2009, is the deadline for submitting applications for the 2009-2010 school year. Application and financial aid forms can be obtained at http://gardencentral.org/gcfm/scholarships/. For further inquiries, please email gcfmscholarship@aol.com or contact GCFM scholarship secretary Kathie Jones at 413-458-2886.


The GCFM’s parent organization, National Garden Clubs, Inc., also offers scholarships. For the academic year of 2007-2008, 34 scholarships, each in the amount of $3,500, were awarded. See http://www.gardenclub.org/Youth/Scholarships.aspx for more information.


The Landscape Design Council of Massachusetts


Organized in 1963, LDC of Massachusetts operates under the auspices of NGC and is a special-subjects group of GCFM. The purpose of LDC is to provide ongoing landscape-design education through speakers, workshops, and tours of outstanding public and private areas. The Massachusetts chapter is the largest Council in the US. It provides several judging panels for the New England Spring Flower Show and presents three awards.


The Membership


LDC members have completed the Landscape Design Study Program, a series of four 10-hour courses, and passed the required examinations, entitling them to become NGC-accredited Landscape Design Consultants. Members act in an advisory capacity to encourage awareness of the need for good landscape architectural practice, serving as guardians of environmental beauty by applying what they have learned to individual and community projects. LDC members promote environmental interests through work on town committees and boards. Members have been responsible for many landscaping projects at municipal buildings and other public areas in their cities and towns. A number have gone on to earn certificates in landscape design, or Master’s degrees in landscape architecture, and to establish their own businesses.


For more information about LDC, visit www.ldcma.org or contact ldcmass@gmail.com.

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Frances Wheeler
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